Teacup Heart

JULY 4TH: ....So hello? We meet again. Truly sorry for not updating, I'm burnt out constant;y and usually sleeping until 2pm and staying up unti 8 am. insane right?
JUNE 21ST????: hello.. what is up? sorry for not updating at all!
JUNE 4TH: been busy! sorry about the slow updating :( genuinely cant find the motivation for this at the momenttt..
JUNE 1ST: pride month has approached, and so has my about me page. awesome isn't it? i don't really know what to write here i haven't done much yet..
MAY 30TH-31ST: There's nothing really here yet, silly! This website is far far far from even a bit done. Well, that's a bit of a stretch.. Today the site actually has structure! *Confetti rains from the sky*. Surprising how I even found the motivation to get any of this done! It's doing fine so far, could be better though. I dont' care, I just want it to look decent at this point, if I'm being honest.. LINKS ARE BEING ADDED IN! Not to my own webpages, yet (EXCEPT MY ABOUT ME!).. but to some fun things I found while browsing. :) Don't have any buttons yet.

*Don't be afraid to tell me if anything's wrong with the site. A glitch, a bug, AN EXPLOSION, a virus, anything. I'll fix it as soon as possible.. If i can. I'm a bit new at this coding thing, don't go full "THIS SITE IS SO UGLY!" because I've seen way worse. I'll show you worse. Art to the right made by Pixiv ID 2863328.
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